Q. What are the benefits of receiving Massage Therapy?

A.  According to the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, benefits include:

• Decreasing pain

• Reducing anxiety and stress

• Improving range of motion

• Decreasing carpal tunnel symptoms

• Reducing muscle soreness

• Boosting immune system

• Lessening depression

• Relieving back pain

• Promoting tissue regeneration

• Easing withdrawal symptoms

• Treating cancer-related fatigue

• Easing labor pain and stress

• Relieving migraine pain

Q.  What should I expect when I come in for my first massage appointment?

A.   On your first appointment, please arrive ten minutes early to fill out a short intake form that covers any health concerns that Boca Body Massage needs to be aware of, such as injuries, recent surgeries, prescriptions, and allergies. This will be followed be a short interview with your therapist to understand your individual needs and what you can expect from your treatment.

Q.  What clothing do I need to remove in order to prepare for a Massage Therapy session?

A.  Most clients remove all clothing and jewelry articles in order to allow therapist clear access to all joints and muscle attatchments neccessary to treat various conditions. The client will always remain covered by a sheet while therapist will utilize professional draping techniques to ensure client confidence. The client's comfort is our number one concern. If you are more comfortable leaving undergarments on we will do our best to work around them and do our best to keep them free of oil or massage creams.

Q.  What is the difference with Swe-Thai Massage and Thai for the Table?

A.  Swe-Thai is done with the client is undressed or minimally clothed under a sheet and/or blanket, utilizing traditional draping techniques to maintain the client's modesty.  This way the therapist can perform traditional Swedish moves as well as the Thai massage stretches and compressions.  Some of the work can be performed over the drape as well.

Q.  Is it normal for me to be sore after a deep tissue massage?

Yes.  When a deep tissue massage is done correctly, the benefits are experienced within the next few days.  You may feel rejuvenated or a bit sore.  Any stiffness or pain experienced after a deep tissue massage is a completely normal reaction and should subsite within 24-72 hours.  It is normal to feel mildly bruised in the 1 -3 days following a deep tissue massage, due to the lactic acid being flushed out of the congested tissues.

Q.  What can I do if I am sore after a deep tissue massage?

A.  It is advisable to rest and relax as much as possible after your deep tissue massage treatment, take a warm bath, and drink lots of water and/or herbal teas in order to help the body eliminate any waste products that have been released from the soft tissues.  Avoiding caffeine and alcohol is also recommended.

Q.  What type of payment does Boca Body Massage accept.

A.  We accept cash or check.  The check may be an out of state check.